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Facebook Censorship Borders Insanity



From our inbox an irate writer sends us this interesting email.


It’s now a HATE CRIME to call Liberals stupid, according to Facebook.


In response to a Facebook wall article from CBC “Liberals end year with national polling lead as opposition parties struggle to gain ground” I made a simple comment in jest or humor that said “So Americans were right, Canadians are mostly stupid.”


A few minutes later I got this message from Facebook





Followed by another, a few minutes later.




Then a third one


So clearly, you can appeal, but the punishment stands regardless.



This comes as added insult, as something similar happened on Feb 27th 2020, and it continues to be listed as a prior offence, even after serving the time out, followed by an admission that it  was FACEBOOK that was in error. The conviction still stands! And no compensation for the imposed penalty, even though Facebook earned revenue from the commercials it placed on my account during that time on my timeline. Time for lawyers to start considering a class action lawsuit against Bill Gates.




I did file another appeal, but I want you to know just how important it is that people follow Facebook standards, when I reported the following, they told me the message which was clearly a murder threat, did not breach their community standards. I will submit it with this letter, so people can see just how insane Facebook has become.



Death threats apparently meet Facebook Community Standards.





I hope the public can influence Facebook to start acting more responsibly.

(name withheld for obvious reasons)

2 thoughts on “Facebook Censorship Borders Insanity

  • Local Yocal

    I wonder if Facebook gets the COVID “Freeland said: “We are raising the wage subsidy back to a maximum of 75 per cent” in return Facebook makes it “Hate Speech” if you criticize Liberals.

  • anonomous

    If you make public comments as an active person or politically active person you show know better than using your personal account to post, use multiple accounts, its the only way around the scum that run Facebook. Most of them are illiterate empoyees from third world nations.


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